About Me

Welcome. Few words about me.

My name is Bartosz, I’m a Pole living in Ireland with wife and two daughters.

Bartosz Bobdarenko

I’ve been physically active since I was a child. The sport was always my passion, that’s why I’ve been doing many sports in my life such as football, shooting, table tennis, aikido, and karate. Because I’m almost 40 I realized that I won’t be any younger anymore and I have to take care of my health in the right way. I start to dig into the secrets and details to make the most of all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I decided to start this blog, where I’d like to share with you my experiences and information about health.

Bartosz Bondarenko

Because English is my second language, you may find some mistakes in my posts for which I apologize. I try to write as best as I can, but from time to time I can still make some mistake.

martial arts student

I hope you’ll find all the information very useful and I invite you to leave comments under each post with your opinions and ideas and share your knowledge to make the blog better and bigger.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy reading.


I’m not a professional athlete, dietitian or personal trainer. All the information you find on my blog is solely for guidance purposes only.

If you have any objections to diets, training or other, consult a doctor or personal trainer to verify these informations.