Smoking And Working Out.

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You will never achieve a high sports form while smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoke destroys muscles (so important for active people), internal organs including the heart, and robs our body of oxygen. So, all this together always ends up tragically, for health and for progress in training.

What Nicotine Is?

Nicotine affects the body’s energy management. This substance seems to clearly support slimming. Increasing energy consumption by stimulating the thermogenesis process (heat production and suppressing appetite).

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In other words, nicotine causes more calories to be burned and less to take in with food. Unfortunately, at the same time, it has been noticed that nicotine significantly impairs insulin sensitivity, i.e. the ability of peripheral tissues and liver to read signals transmitted by insulin – a hormone participating in the regulation of the body’s energy economy.

Nicotine has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a drug. Its effect on the body is similar to heroin and cocaine. Increases the production of dopamine, giving a feeling of pleasure and contributing to the progress of addiction.

In the case of higher doses of nicotine, the smoker feels relaxed. A deep inhalation of cigarette smoke calms down and reduces stress. Heavy smokers are able to function better in society. They are calmer, do not easily succumb to emotions. It’s easier for them to concentrate on the tasks assigned to them. All because of smoking.

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The Most Common Smoker’s Diseases

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2.Heart attack,


4.Diseases of the circulatory system,

5.Respiratory system diseases, etc.

Smoking After Training.

Physically active smokers often reach for a cigarette right after training. They make a big mistake. The research was carried out, among young Canadians. It indicates that the cigarette immediately after the activity causes the arteries to temporarily become less elastic.

The stiffer and more damaged blood vessels, the greater the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis or stroke. Nicotine is slowing the growth and restoration of muscle tissue and increasing the level of myostatin. Myostatin is responsible for reducing muscle growth.

Cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in the body and replacing it with very harmful carbon dioxide. Therefore, the heart must pump blood more heavily to provide the body with the oxygen needed.

So, if you exercise regularly and after the workout, you like to “have a smoke”, your efforts are probably wasted.

Quitting Smoking? But How?

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Quitting smoking can be supported by available means in the form of tablets, pills, patches, etc. However, if we don’t want to supply nicotine to the body, it is worth replacing them with cytisine products. Cytisine effect is similar to nicotine, but unlike it, it isnt addictive and it’s not toxic.

Physical activity is advisable while quitting smoking because it helps to overcome stress. It reduces the frustration associated with the inability to reach for a cigarette. What’s more, endorphins are secreted during the workout, that improves well-being and increases self-satisfaction.

Did You Know…

…When Pregnant Woman Smokes Cigarettes, Exposes Herself And The Child To:

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A premature birth

Birth of a dead child

Birth defects

The child may have problems with breathing, and many, many more.

More efficient work of the circulatory system accelerates the removal of toxins accumulated as a result of regular cigarette smoking from the body. We also know that endorphins are responsible for more pleasant experience during physical exertion without having nicotine in your body.

In Conclusion.

I am not going to convince anyone to quit smoking. In fact, there are no benefits from it, just quite the opposite. Smoking and physical activity aren’t going hand in hand. I will not talk about breathing problems, I will not talk about the limited growth in muscle mass and the deteriorated efficiency of the body.

Yellow fingernails and fingers, destroyed and quickly aging skin, stench which is unbearable for non-smokers are obvious. I have never smoked in my life and I can’t make a comment on the difficulty of quitting smoking, but the facts speak for themselves. There is nothing to be waiting for.

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