Exercises During Pregnancy.

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Exercises during pregnancy allow pregnant women to improve their condition and keeps them and a baby healthy. They have a beneficial effect on the body of future mothers and prepare their body for the coming birth. Appropriately selected exercises are safe for pregnant women and bring numerous benefits.

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Training During Pregnancy.

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Negative Aspects Of Pregnancy.



3.Back pain



and many more.

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Pregnant women don’t have an easy life. But you can improve your well-being and general health by properly selected exercises and diet. Remember that the lifestyle you choose for your pregnancy has a direct impact on your mood before and after. And, of course, it has a direct impact on the child’s health.

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Properly performed exercises after an earlier doctor consultation can very effectively reduce some of the symptoms above. You can notice a reduction in back pain and nausea and thanks to endorphins (released during exercise) improvement of well-being.

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Unfortunately, most women gain weight during pregnancy. The growth of fat tissue is a completely natural process. And, as we add fetal water and growing baby to it, some of you may be crying for months. By properly performed exercises you can prevent the weight gain, which in an uncontrolled way can lead to obesity.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be so difficult. Thanks to regular training, childbirth will be easier. Increased endurance of the body and improvement of strength is later useful for carrying your little treasure.

Don’ts During Pregnancy.

pregnancy don'ts
  1. Running (if you didn’t run before pregnancy)
  2. High-altitude sports
  3. Exercises at high temperature and/or humidity
  4. Diving
  5. Contact sport
  6. Dehydration
  7. and more…

How To Exercise Properly.


Weightlifting is not banned, but you should be careful. You can now have problems with balance and coordination, so do not overdo it with strength exercises. If you match the exercises to your health condition, you will be able to safely use all the possibilities offered by the gym.

Cardio Workouts.

This include cycling, walking, dancing, aerobics, rowing, and swimming, which is considered the best possible activity for pregnant women. And that’s because water provides support to the body, which takes pressure off the joints.

Did You Know…

…that swimming improve breathing and stretches the muscles. It has a positive effect on the circulatory and respiratory system, and also improves metabolism.

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Warm-Up And Breaks.

If you are pregnant, your warm-up and rest after training should be longer than usual. Your body now needs more time to prepare for exercise, but also to cool down.

Length And Intensity Of Training

If you didn’t exercise physically before, 20-30 minutes a day of reasonable training in total is enough. But If you were an active person before, you do not have to change your habits so much (for most of the duration of pregnancy, of course).

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Before you start training, you need to consult a doctor to make sure there is no contraindication.

If you exercise in a gym where a personal trainer is present, you should inform him about your condition to keep you in mind and give advice.

In Conclusion

Exercises during pregnancy should give joy, strengthen muscles and relax. Do not focus on the results, but rather on the pleasure of physical activity. The gym is not a forbidden place, but – as always – common sense and moderation are important.

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