Martial Arts – Self-defense, Self-confidence, Healthy body and mind.

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Martial arts primarily teach self-defense and increase self-confidence. In addition, they improve overall physical development and body coordination. Martial arts also have beneficial effects on health, including corrects spinal defects and increase the efficiency of the body.

Although martial arts require effort, they gain more and more popularity. Training has a beneficial effect on the body and mind and significantly improves cognitive abilities.



Self-defense skills allow you to defend yourself and others from attackers. Solid workouts mean that growth and physical strength are no longer important in the duel. Long-lasting martial arts exercises allow you to defeat many larger and stronger opponents.

What’s more, learning new skills teaches you that you are fighting in the last resort, because you can do permanent harm to your opponent. This habit learned during training, teaches humility and increases the participant’s safety.

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Work On Physical Condition.

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Martial arts exercises improve the overall physical development of the body. This means a lot more fitness and increased physical strength. Frequent psychological and physical resilience is gained through frequent exposure to pain. In addition, regular movement of blows, grips, and dodges improves motor coordination.

Efficiency is acquired not only when sparring with an opponent or hitting a sack. Each workout is preceded by intensive conditioning preparation. Learning any martial art, therefore, requires abdominal exercises and gymnastics. An inseparable part of any workout is running.

These are comprehensive exercises that allow you to build a good form and a flat stomach. Regular martial arts exercise improves the overall body shape and appearance. Many masters look extremely young for their age, which is due to long-lasting exercises.

Work On Character Traits.

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Practicing any martial art increases self-esteem. Along with another developed technique, a man becomes more confident in his skills. Martial arts shape strong will and discipline. They teach you to overcome weaknesses and allow you to achieve full control over the body.

Particular eastern martial arts (kung fu, karate, aikido) teach such qualities as patience, self-control, and concentration. The key to achieving success in this area is the balance of body and mind. So improving your fighting skills also improves general well-being and quality of life.

A militant approach to life is not limited to training but is manifested in everyday life, for example in the effectiveness of defending on its own right.

How Does The Practice Of Martial Arts Affect Health?

All martial arts allow maintaining the correct weight and efficiency of the body. In addition, in the case of eastern martial arts (eg karate), posture defects such as scoliosis are corrected. Regular training extends muscle contractions and improves the cardiovascular system, significantly reducing the risk of heart attack.

The physical activity that martial arts provide is a great way to deal with stress. In aikido or kung fu training relaxation exercises in breathing, work play a large role. This is a good way to relax, for example after a hard day at work.

It is also worth adding that martial arts exercises are a form of therapy for people with intellectual disabilities. A positive influence of the training of eastern fights on people with autism was noticed.

In Conclusion

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As a former Karate Kenpo student, I realized, on my own skin all the attributes of this type of training. I can boldly recommend martial arts as a great way to raise self-esteem, improve the strength and resistance to pain (and of course lose fatty tissue). It was an amazing experience that I owed to my amazing trainer Neil Salmon form Saggart Karate Kenpo Dublin (Ireland). I regret that I had to give it up (for family reasons), but I am planning to continue this fantastic adventure.

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