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What Should You Know Before Your First Training At The Gym.

This is an eternal problem for anyone who goes to the gym for the first time. Beginners must remember a few basic factors that affect successful training and help to avoid injury. Remember! In the beginning, the best choice is to use the advice of a more experienced person or a personal trainer who works at the gym. He will show you how to properly train and advise you in case of doubt. Below are examples of what to look for when entering the gym for the first time.

1. Gym training – what a beginner must keep in mind,

2. Gym shoes,

3. What to take with you for the training.

1. Gym Training – What A Beginner Must Keep In Mind.

Have you already decided to start strength training and think that you only need to go to the gym or fitness club, eat properly, use supplements, and the result will come itself? Nothing could be more wrong! Of course, there are people who think this way, but let us assume that you are an ambitious person and want to demand more from yourself.

What mistakes you must be aware of?

First of all, don’t hurt yourself! Probably you don’t want to be the strongest person in the world, and you don’t have to stand on the podium. And I think you don’t want to sacrifice your health for some higher goals! Think about the workouts as a healthy journey, not a race. Therefore, throw away all the controversial ideas from the head, and instead of taking shortcuts, take the longer but healthy route.

All decisions about steroids, extreme diets, daily workouts, suspicious supplements leave for later. In the beginning, see your doctor to do health tests to see if you are able to start exercise. To build strength and figure, regardless of gender, you should be in very good condition. If everything is ok, you can be sure from the beginning that you start with a clean card.

-Quick Tip-

Before Starting And Immediately After Trening, Stretch Your Muscles To Eliminate Their Contractures.

I don’t want to scare you. It’s just worth it because the potential benefits are huge compared to the work you have to do. It’s nice to know that everything is alright. If the tests results leave much to be desired, it’s worth consulting with a dietitian or endocrinologist to determine further actions. In addition to disease prevention, you maximize the body’s potential to gain strength and muscle mass, reduce body fat, and improve your well-being.

Did You Know That

By Regularly Working Out, You Can Successfully Reduce Your Stress Level.

If for some reason you can’t do it now, don’t worry. You can still start the training, but don’t let this go away. Medical examinations are very important if you think very seriously about your health.

My opinion is that the training path can be started in two ways:

  • Speak with a reliable trainer who will teach you correct movement patterns, choose appropriate exercises and exclude harmful ones.
  • Try it yourself, but here things get a bit complicated. Theoretically, you can choose the exercises yourself, use universal training plans and of course, you will make progress.

But, if health is in the first place, it’s worth using trainer knowledge, who already has experience gained during his own training. By working with such a specialist, you will quickly learn movement patterns, correct breathing, etc. You’ll find out what to look for in each exercise, how to choose easier and more difficult ways to do exercises depending on the problems encountered.

A personal trainer will write you a training plan adapted to your goals and health condition. And also will help you with basic problems. In more difficult health issues, you’ll be send to a physiotherapist.

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You’ll see the advantages of this solution on many levels. Saving time, maximizing effects instead of going with a blindfold on, and assurance that everything is done properly. As I wrote earlier, a healthy body is a machine with the great potential.

Very important is also regeneration. This issue includes everything you do outside of training, such as diet, supplementation, sleep, as well as additional methods, such as a sauna, and of course non-training days! Yes, they are also needed, but let’s assume that you have already determined (or the coach has determined) how many such breaks will be in the week.

Diet is a factor in which most of us spread the arms, surrender and pull out a white flag. It doesn’t have to be that way! As in the case of exercises – if any exercise is too difficult, it’s not adapted to the training person, it means that it’s too early for this particular change in movement. That’s why you have to change it, make it easier.

-Smarter Every Day-

Exercising For Five Days A Week, 30 Minutes A Day Will Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease Or Stroke.

Similarly with nutrition. If dietary conditions overwhelm us and at the beginning, we feel that there is no chance of their fulfillment, we’re already burnt at the start. Therefore, it’s worth considering cooperation with a dietitian who will not only give us a diet with the right amount of calories and macronutrients but also cover the need for vitamins and minerals. You’ll save money, which will be spent on supplementation anyway, but above all, it will ensure that you’ll be able to eat all meals with taste!

The small steps method – first we eat what we like, but we are already going for some compromises and we eat the right amount of calories and macronutrients. Then, every next month we implement more and more healthy products. Nothing by force!

A diet that doesn’t suit you, will be corrected later on to make every meal enjoyable and full of necessary nutrients. In the future, you’ll learn how to exercise and gradually make the training more difficult, for the coming months. Thanks to these three pillars (health tests, personal trainer and dietitian), you win at the start.

-Quick Tip-

At The Gym Professional Staff Is On Hand To Offer A Lot Of Advice On Fitness And Exercise.

Of course, I don’t want to scare anyone here. You can train alone and still have benefits and improve your health and figure. But progress might be slower and you’ll be more exposed to injuries – because you don’t have necessary knowledge.

If you are a lone wolf, or you don’t want to pay for training plans at this point, I recommend that you study the exercises carefully and from good sources. Choose their easiest versions and only gradually implement the more difficult ones. Pay attention to breathing, the quality of each set, and in the diet, get inspired by the guidelines and recipes from reliable dietitians.

2. Gym Shoes.

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When it comes to gym shoes, this isn’t so obvious. Shoes affect the functioning of everything above. They affect the angles in the joints, so if you want to keep your spine or pelvis in a neutral position, you should choose shoes with flat soles. In a large number of cases, if someone, for example, has hyperlordosis, the heels raised higher than the fingers only worsen the problem.

Another thing is stability. Exercises such as squat and deadlift require stability, not wobbling and fighting with balance. For the above reasons, in my opinion, training with weights disqualify running shoes (we can leave them for other training). At the gym, classic Chuck Taylor sneakers will be the best choice. You can also consider buying specialized shoes for sit-ups.

No exercise requires stability as much as these ones. Specialized Adidas Powerlift shoes (lower) or Adidas Power Perfect (higher) are very stable and it’s worth considering their purchase. What’s more, because of the increased heel, allowing for increased knee extension and shifting the center of gravity, most people will be able to do a safer and more effective squat.

3. What To Take With You For The Training.

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For the first training you should take, first of all…training plan! It’s no point to walk around bizarre machines and devices, feeling embarrassed. With the training plan, you won’t feel like this because you know what to do. It could be an electronic form or in a notebook. Important is to note your weight, number of repetitions, etc.

Another thing is water. Maybe the first training won’t be demanding, but looking long-term, there must be adaptation and development. Therefore, a liter of water at the beginning can be a problem, but with each subsequent training you’ll be drinking more and more.

How to get dressed for training? The problem of training shoes was solved, and what about the rest of clothing? The matter is trivial. First of all, they must be comfortable and can’t restrict your movements. That’s why very stretchy long or short pants and leggings are recommended, plus cotton or thermoactive shirt.

During Training, Don’t Drink Flavored Waters Full Of Preservatives And Artificial Aromas.

Some fitness clubs require the use of a towel, which I don’t recommend. Putting a towel under your back, while doing the bench press will rather destabilize you. In the gyms, should be paper towels and disinfectant to wipe your workstation.

Last tips at the end. Remember, on the beginning take it easy and nothing by force. If in doubt, consult a person who will advise you. I suggest you plan your activities wisely to achieve specific goals and improve with time. Everyone is able to enjoy training at the gym, even the most stubborn ones. An important issue is matching the workout and diet to a specific person. You must be patient, systematic and wise in action.

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Thanks, Bart.

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