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The Home Gym Should Be In Every Household.

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You Don’t Realize How Efficiently You Can Take Care Of Your Health And Lose Weight Without Leaving Home !!!

Home Gym? If you don’t know how to start and whether it has any sense, I’ll prove to you that everyone can feel like at the gym in the comfort of their home. It will not only help you in everyday life, but you’ll certainly lose a few kilos and gain some muscles.

No more excuses that there is no time or money for the gym, aerobic or fitness class. I’ll show you how you can easily feel healthier, look better and even change kilograms of fat to a muscle mass and all in the living room, garage or even in the kitchen.

If you want to start taking care of yourself, and maybe you are ashamed to show up at the gym, this is the best option for you at the beginning. All you need is a little space, 30-45 minutes of free time and a small sum of money to make your life change and you’ll gain energy for life.

I advise you to try and see how it is. In the beginning, it may be difficult for you to push it into your home schedule, but in time you’ll realize that you have been cheating yourself and physical activity isn’t as complicated as you thought. On our example, I will demonstrate to you how I and my wife look after ourselves in the home conditions.

Welcome To Our Home Gym. So Let’s Begin.

We are both members of the leisure center with the gym, swimming pool, etc. But we only go there when we can because children and home also require our time. So more often we exercise at home and we treat the gym as an upgrade. I train there what I find most difficult to do at home, and my wife mainly run and do aerobics. I exercise almost every day. The only breaks I take is when I’m really not able to do it for some reason.

We invested a little bit of money, but they were probably the best money spent because what you can do with such simple equipment is amazing and everything is within your reach.

So, this is our Home Gym:

1 – Exercise mat,

2 – 1.5kg dumbbells x2,

3 – 6kg kettlebells x2,

4 – Jumping rope,

5 – Pull-up bar,

6 – TRX,

7 – Push up bars,

8 – Ab wheel,

9 – Resistance bar.

All this is not expensive, it is easily available, very practical and I guarantee you that every muscle part you can take care of, for the general improvement of physical appearance as well as for expanding muscles and losing kilograms. In my personal opinion, this is the optimal set for her and for him to improve overall physical activity (I ignore the fact that jogging or cycling from time to time would not hurt too).

1. Exercise mat.

exercise mat

Exercise mat provides comfort and safety during training. It’s irreplaceable in the case of popular fitness exercises as well as yoga and pilates. It’s very useful during stretching and crunches.


2. Dumbbells 1,5Kg.


Good for warming up and for some light exercises.


3. Kettlebells 6Kg.


Personally, I would exchange them for dumbbells because in some of my exercises they aren’t comfortable to use. But still, very good for biceps, triceps, shoulders and even for legs. There are as many uses in training as there are ideas in your head. They should be in every home gym for basic exercises.


4. Jumping Rope.

jumping rope

Proper jumps allows you to burn calories – about 300-400 kcal for half an hour. It’s an excellent warm-up, effectively warming up the muscles and joints. Skipping rope is often used by boxers and wrestlers, as well as other athletes.


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5. Pull-Up Bar.

Pull-Up Bar

The pull-up bar is one of the most versatile and, at the same time, the most effective instruments for bodybuilding and fitness training. It’s a functional fitness gadget that anyone can mount in their own home. This cheap and small device strengthens the upper body parts, and in particular the arms. It’s willingly used by athletes for everyday training, as well as among people starting their adventure with a sport. It’s not just a pull-up bar either, with a combination of pull ups, chin ups and leg raises you can practice a wide range of exercises, when removed from the doorway and placed on the floor it can also be used for wide arm push ups as well.


6. TRX.


I highly recommend buying one of them. Trx training is the exercises with the weight of your own body, to which a special set of adjustable belts is used. Trx belts can be hung anywhere in the home or outside, which makes this type of exercise an ideal alternative to the gym. Thanks to trx, you can evenly expand and strengthen muscles without straining the joints and spine. Trx and pull-up bar is my favorite equipment of them all. With the two I’m able to do a really hard workout, after which I will “suffer” for a long time.


7. Push Up Bars.

Push Up Bars

This simple tool makes push-ups more challenging and allows you to get more out of every rep. The bars increase the range of motion of your push-up and the science behind the subsequent results is simple: increasing your range of motion in an exercise makes you stronger and builds muscle faster.


8. Ab Wheel.

Ab Wheel

The ab wheel is a good way to improve abdominal training and gives the muscles a high dose of work. Although at first look the exercise wheel may look inconspicuous, using this accessory during training requires patience and persistence, especially at the beginning.


9. Resistance Bar.

Resistance Bar

This is a device for the whole body workout. You can train any muscle group from the top to the bottom. It’s very good for beginners, but for more advanced exercise it’s also very useful.


This is the description of our accessories that we use at home. Maybe you think that it’s not good enough for you and you would change something. Everything is individual and not everyone will enjoy this set like we are. I just wanted to show you, that it’s not difficult to take care of yourself and with a bit of willpower and willingness you can achieve a lot. As you progress, you’ll be able to mix, for example, TRX with pull up bar or pull up bar with resistance bar, etc to add new exercises. There are couple more options waiting for you to discover.

Home Gym works for us and it will definitely work for you too.

What do you think about this set? Maybe something is missing, which you consider equally important and you would like to share with everybody? Please leave your comment below. 

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Thanks, Bart.

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