Cold Shower – The Best Way To Start A Day.

cold shower

Why You Should Start Your Day With Cold Shower?

Although the thought of a cold shower can cause shivers, cool water has a very positive effect on our health. In extreme cases, it can even save a life.

There is even a very rare disease, characterized by a lack of pores on the skin so the body is unable to give off sweat and maintain the optimal temperature. The only salvation for the patient before a high fever is daily bathing in ice water.

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The List Of Benefits Of Cold Showers Is Long.

Here Are Some Of Them:

cold shower benefits

1. Rouses better than coffee, refreshes the body and mind and pleasantly cool on hot days.

2. It improves blood circulation. Frequent use of cold bath will protect against the effects of poor circulation, for example, cold feet and hands, numbness in the limbs and even loss of appetite.

3. Increases resistance to infections, because cold water hardens the body.

4. It helps in burning fat, improves digestion, and all these thanks to accelerated metabolism – the body tends to warm up, so it uses more energy.

5. Closes the pores, thanks to which it reduces excessive sweating as well as prevents impurities from getting under the skin, which prevents the formation of unsightly blackheads.

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6. It works beneficially for the skin. It firms and improves the general condition. Interestingly, it also moisturizes, in contrast to warm baths, which dry both the skin and hair.

7. It reduces fever. During illness and high body temperature, it’s worth doing cold compresses, for example on the forehead, but equally, a good solution is to cool the whole body with cold water.

8. Relieves pain and swelling. The coldness increases our pain tolerance.

These are just some of the benefits of a cold shower. Those who are interested should gradually get used to the lower temperature. At the beginning, a very good solution is to pour alternately hot and cold water.

Especially ladies should be interested in this way because it affects the upper parts of the body. Cold water firms and improves the appearance of the breasts. Pour alternately cold and warm water, ending with a cold stream of water.

— Warning —

cold shower warning

There are contraindications to the cold showers.

To abandon this method should people suffering from heart disease, underweight, urinary problems, hypertension and women in advanced pregnancy.

However, each case is different and you should first seek medical advice.

In Conclusion.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t overcome it. I’ve tried a cold shower many times, but I always jump out screaming like a girl. I wish you good luck and if you succeed, respect 👍.
Noteworthy is also warm water with honey and lemon juice, drunk on an empty stomach after a cold shower.

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