Eating Habits.”You Are What You Eat”


Junk Food. How This Affects Our Lives?

Can’t you survive a day without a bar or a hamburger? Well, such food can be… addictive!
If you must eat a hamburger, also eat vegetables.

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How to break with this addiction? Scientific research has shown that the high content of fat, sugar, and salt in the dish strongly affects the pleasure centers in our body. This is why you often reach for unhealthy food, which additionally stimulates the appetite, and you eat more and more …

In addition, the more often you eat fatty, salty and sweet dishes, the more your body produces more leptin which makes you fatter.

(Leptin is the hormone responsible for appetite and fat storage in tissues)

It’s Time To Change These Eating Habits Before They Hurt Your Health.

Here Are The Tips:

Slowly, Step By Step.

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To cure addiction to fast food and sweets:

• count how many times per week you reach for sweets and how often you eat unhealthy meals;
• reduce this number by one sweet snack and one fast-food meal a week;
• replace this unhealthy meal with something healthier and more nutritious.

Such as fresh fruit, vegetables, a handful of nuts or dried fruits, yogurt or a salad. These are perfect replacements for a meal from a fast-food bar, a sweet chocolate bar or chocolate.

Such a gradual introduction of changes will reduce hunger pangs and won’t make you feel irritable.

Eating Without Sacrifices.

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Another way to break with fast food and sweet food is to replace only part of the meal with a healthy substitute.

• If, for example, you always eat a hamburger with fries, try to replace it with a fresh vegetable or fruit salad. You will still enjoy the taste of a hamburger, but the whole meal will be healthier, less salty and not so caloric. By using these tricks, you will gradually lose the desire for unhealthy, fatty dishes.
• You can not do without sweets? Do them yourself, always adding 2/3 less sugar than the recipe. You can also replace sugar with honey. You will notice that your desire for sweets will decrease significantly.

Healthy Eating.

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Fish, poultry and lean meat, eg veal. Cook them or bake without fat, possibly with the addition of olive oil, season with plenty of herbs instead of salt. Such meat is much less caloric and more nutritious than hamburgers or meat in breadcrumbs.

Groats, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and bread – contain complex carbohydrates, which are a great source of energy. Eat them instead of fries, fried potatoes, etc.

Natural yogurt and kefir – are low-fat and contain live bacterial cultures that regulate the intestinal function. Use them instead of mayonnaise and fatty sauces. Mixed with fruit (instead of cream), they will create a delicious and healthy dessert.

Fresh and cooked vegetables and fruits – they are low in calories, contain many vitamins and minerals and a lot of fiber, which regulates intestinal peristalsis and removes toxins accumulated in the body.

Eating vegetables and fruits up to five times a day, is an addition to other dishes or as an independent dish.

You Are What You Eat” – HIPPOCRATES

Eskimo “The Man Who Eats Rawness”.


The Eskimos are the only people who did not know the function of the tribal healer because virtually no one was sick. Until they began to consume the products offered to them by the Americans, their traditional diet consisted almost exclusively of raw meat, raw fat and raw fish. They never complained about arthritis, asthma, heart disease or other chronic ailments.

The modern “civilized” diet consists mostly of cooked, processed and artificially purified products, there is no room for natural enzymes. Thus, the human body was forced to digest huge quantities of “dead” food that the modern man eats every day.

In order for the processing of enzyme-free digestive mass in the stomach to become possible, other parts of the body – for example, the brain, muscles, joints or nerves – are constantly taken away from the enzymes necessary for their normal functioning.

This should be the source of many ailments – from slight indigestion, constipation, to serious arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, lack of immunological immunity, adaptation to stress and depression. There are more and more neuroses, mental retardation and cancer.

Most enzymes come from the pancreas – an organ that must work excessively from the lack of natural enzymes in food. An interesting fact is that currently, the human species has the largest pancreas in nature relative to body weight. Dr. Howell claims that: “In relation to body weight, the human pancreas is more than twice as heavy as the pancreas of a cow”.

The Role Of Enzymes In Nutrition.

Western science knows perfectly well that enzymes are delicate compounds that are easily destroyed under the influence of high temperatures, moisture, oxidation, irradiation, and synthetic compounds. The enzymes are exposed to these factors during cooking, canning, refining, preserving with synthetic chemical ingredients and during pasteurization of foodstuffs. At temperatures higher than 55 ° C, all enzymes are disintegrating. As you know, the pasteurization temperature is 60ºC.

Fresh product is defined as “alive” only when its composition contains active enzymes. Doctors – Taoists describe this relationship of life contained in food as chee. Enzymatic chee is by far the most important nutrient for health. The supply of chee in each body is limited. The sooner it is used up, the sooner you can expect annihilation of the body and its end.

American farmers have noticed long time ago that pigs eating raw potatoes do not get fat, but boiled potatoes fattening them very quickly. Active enzymes in raw products play a truly important role in the digestive process. They release the body from the unpleasant effects of decay and fermentation of food leftovers. Also allow effective burning of calories, which prevents metabolic disturbances and deposition of fatty tissue.

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Much of what we consider adipose tissue in obese people is often not fat. It is a thick layer of mucus and toxic substances, pushing the intestinal walls, lymph nodes, tonsils, sinuses, throats, thighs in women creating cellulite and other body tissues. In this case, even the best slimming products will not work when you do not begin the process of detoxifying the body, cleaning and removing mucus-toxic deposits.

Unsaturated fats are also beneficial. Many oily products on our market, such as evening primrose, are produced in outdated technology with the access of oxygen, which speeds up their rancidity and reduces the efficiency of operation.

These products, thanks to the richness of enzymes, support the digestion of foods, relieving the pancreas from excessive work in the digestion of “dead” foods. These enzymes stimulate normal metabolism, help detoxify and cleanse the body of toxins, cholesterol, triglycerides, and adipose tissue. It also prevents diseases of civilization and obesity.

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