Gym Vs Living Room |Comparison|

gym vs living room

Gym vs living room-what should I do?

Fitness studio, gym or maybe stay at home? What is best for me?

“I start working out tomorrow” – how many times have you had such a decision? This time, really take off, no matter what option you choose. You can run, training at home using DVDs or Youtube, sign up for a gym or fitness classes. Systematics will lead you to the goal. The question is what is your goal, at what time do you want to implement it and what are your preferences? I will analyze the pros and cons of the exercises on your own and at the gym and fitness club, and you decide which option is best for you.

The Benefits Of Exercising At The Gym And In The Fitness Club.

1. The coach will guide you.

personal trainer

Exercise at the gym or in the fitness club is primarily a possibility of using the advice of a professional trainer. The instructor will improve you when you make a squat wrong, help you choose the exercises to your individual needs and answer your questions. What’s more, the trainer will motivate you when you want to give up and help you do five extra reps.

2. Others train, so, me too.

Anyone who has been at the fitness or gym classes at least once knows that there is a friendly atmosphere. There is nothing like an exercise with people who have similar goals and weaknesses. You want to give up already, but you can see that the friend on the left gives advice? The second man is usually the best motivator. At the gym, you can make new friends and break away from the monotony of everyday life. Chatting with guys/girls in the locker room, arranging for the next classes and exchanging experiences about the training will certainly help with regularity.

3. Place and equipment.

The gyms are not equal, but if you are not the owner of a villa with a huge room for exercise, we assume that you will find better conditions for training than at home. The fitness rooms are usually equipped with mirrors to control individual exercises. You will also find there all the equipment needed for classes, from kettles, balls, steppers, to mats. Some devices have large dimensions and are not cheap, so not everyone can afford to buy them. Similarly with the gym. The space is there adapted to safety standards, and the diversity of equipment ensures effective training. In most gyms there are cardio zones, strength machines and free weights. Some clubs also offer a sauna, massagers and vibrating devices. At the gym you can also buy the right supplements and take advice on their use.

4. Gym pass = motivation.

Some people think that nothing motivates as much as the money invested in something. That’s why buying a gym ticket can help you exercise regularly. The open version will additionally encourage you to use the club more often. The offer of some gyms is very cheap, and they accept cards, that’s why it is worth to try.

Disadvantages Of Exercises At The Gym.

1. Time and money.

gym schedule

Not everyone lives in the center of a big city and chooses from a wide range of clubs. It may turn out that the pass at the local gym is a big expense, and the place is not as equipped as we would like. Spin class or cross fit cover up with guitar lessons for an hour, and then when you have a free time there is only yoga in the plan? An unmatched schedule is not all. Getting to the gym takes time, and if you add a shower and chat in the locker room, we lose an hour or more.

2. People? Why do I need them?

For some, the company is an advantage, for others on the contrary. At the gym, someone will always see your sweatshirt, smeared makeup or inferior condition. You don’t like poseur in flashy tracksuits, you are terrified of hygienic issues when training on machines? Think about whether the gym is a good place for you.

3. And you finally can get bored.

The same equipment, the same people, the same classes with trainers and similar exercises – unfortunately, classes in a fitness club or gym can bore you. In so far as the personal trainer can suggest changes in the training, you will not change the group classes.

4. Overtraining and unlimited confidence in the trainer.

Training at the gym or fitness classes does not guarantee the avoidance of injury and perfect selection of exercises. A coach in the group sometimes turn out to be inadequate to our condition, and too intensive training at the gym is the first step to damage e.g. joints.

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The Advantages Of Exercising At Home.

1. Close and available at any time.

An unquestionable plus of exercises at home is saving time and money. Do you have a free hour between work and a date? Time for training! Did you get up early and feel like exercising? You can do it any time. This option also allows you to look after meals after and before training, because we have everything at hand. Exercise in your own four corners works especially in winter, when moving with a “wet head” is not healthy.

2. Option for saving.

When training at home, we save not only on commuting but also on the pass. It’s free to fire a computer or open a book with a training plan. Practicing alone, you do not have to take care of company shoes or a fashionable wardrobe. Those who attach importance to their stylizations, and do not want to invest in branded clothes, they no longer have a problem.

3. Train as you like.

training at home

Exercise at home gives you plenty of freedom to choose a training program. The Internet is full of instructional videos, not to mention fitness magazines and DVD sets. If the exercise ceases to please you, changing to another is not a problem. With no limit you can also change coaches and the time of the exercises.

Disadvantages Of Exercise At Home.

1. Householders – “opponents”

People who live in a small flat with children or nosy neighbors will especially meet this problem. If you jump on a skipping rope, and the neighbor from the floor below just slept after the third shift at work, it can end badly. Sometimes it is also difficult to explain to your children that it is your time to train, and they must wait patiently for help in homework and supper.

2. Unsafe place.

The living room is unfortunately not a fitness room and does not equal the gym in the safety and comfort of exercise. The equipment takes up space and hardly anyone can afford to buy a variety of assortment. During the exercises you need to literally and figuratively stretch and bend to not hit the chandelier and do not scratch the floor. Decide yourself if you have the conditions for home workouts.

3. Lack of control and motivation.

Most of us suffer from procrastination. Postponing for later is the greatest risk of training at home. In this case, the ticket, the trainer or the persons exercising next to you will not motivate you. It takes a lot of determination to give up your favorite series, postpone cleaning the house or playing with children and complete the training plan. Unfortunately, home exercises also involve the risk of injury or mediocre effects. Without the trainer’s control, we often do not notice our mistakes or do not exercise with the appropriate intensity.

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