Self-Esteem. How To Help Yourself? [Step By Step]


Low Self-Esteem. One Step Closer To Depression.

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Whatever you do in your life, remember to do ONLY what makes YOU happy. Do not try to make happy others , but concentrate on yourself, what YOU like and what gives you satisfaction.

Concentrate on your goals, your dreams and the future which you must fight for to be who you always wanted to be. Dream big, but set small daily goals that you must achieve at all costs.

People With Low Self-Esteem Often Criticize Themselves, Punish For Various Behaviors. They Have The Impression That They Don’t Deserve More From Life.

Do not give up at once, just fight with yourself, because only you and no one else is standing on your way to happiness and eternal contentment. Only YOU are responsible for your successes and failures.

Stop blaming the world for your problems and get to work, because life is running out and there is still so much to do. No one ran the marathon the first time, nobody is able to bench press 100 kg on the first training, no one was born a super athlete or lawyer. Each of these people worked hard for their success, it is not happening overnight.

Everybody is born equal and everyone has to take as much as possible from life. You can be whoever you want, but it takes time, effort, determination and dedication.




Accept Your Imperfections.

You will achieve your goals in small steps. Do not give up, and think of any failure during this journey as a lesson and draw conclusions for the future. Every failed task is one step closer to success. Remember, it is not important how many times you fall, but how often you will rise.

We all talented, we all powerful, we all extraordinary, BUT not all are aware of it. Live your live with passion, push yourself to the limit, it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. IT MATTER WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT.

You must work on yourself continuously, never be satisfied with yourself, always know that as you invest time and effort on you, that’s the greatest ability that human have above animals. Dog can’t be anything but a dog, tree can’t be anything but a tree, human being we’ve got unlimited potential.

When you put effort on you, concentrating on you and developing you, you can transform your life in whatever you want. When you wake up, you have two options-sleep further and keep dreaming, or to get up and start making these dreams come true.

Let Me Show You 10 Ways To Raise Yourself From Low Self-Esteem.


depressed woman1. Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem is an image of the reality that affects you based on how you understand the world around you and how you perceive. Understand, and judge yourself.

Your needs, motives and attitudes are important here. If you focus on the positive aspects of your life and believe that you have the resources to achieve your goals, you will achieve a lot.

successes2. Success And Failures.

Fear of failing with simultaneous tendencies to focus on negative emotions, i.e. sadness and previous negative experiences. This may cause defensive mechanisms, e.g. avoiding training, putting less effort, focusing on external and internal reasons for failures (i.e. “I have no chance,” because I train for a short time “,” I do not have such a good condition “,” why strain myself, since I can not see any improvement “).

If you use your fear and anxiety to mobilize yourself, you can turn it into sports anger. It will give you the will and courage to develop better skills (“they think I’m too weak, they can still be surprised”).

3. Direct yourself

Be aware of life, or realize what is important for your actions, goals, values and act adequately to what you know.

Be responsible for yourself and your actions, persevere in achieving your goals.

accept yourself4. Accept Yourself As You Are.

Respect and care for yourself, be ready to experience, accept your own feelings, thoughts, behavior and being a friend to yourself. If you accept your own advantages and disadvantages, you will be more resistant to criticism coming from outside.



Depression(mood) is a state of low mood and aversion to activity, that can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour, tendencies, feelings, and sense of well-being.

5. Take Care Of Your Sleep.sleep

Lack of proper rest and proper sleep can cause many abnormalities in your body. Do not be fooled that you will be able to get enough sleep during the weekend to cover your lost nights during the week. Disturbing the normal sleep rhythm may be revealed only in later years.

It is connected with insomnia or constant feeling of exhaustion
and problems with concentration. Experts recommend seven to eight hours of sleep a day. Rested you’ll have more energy, which will improve the quality of your life.

family walking6. Free Time.

Try to use your free time constructively, instead of losing it on a sofa at home in front of the TV or computer. There is nothing better after a day of hard work, like an active time with friends or family.

You can spend half an hour during the day for a walk, bike or running. You will see that you will feel more rested than after lying down all day in front of the TV.

7. Health And and safety

Remember to regularly perform periodic tests and healthy eating. Did you know that many substances used in the food industry stimulate the work of the brain, which in turn leads to hyperactivity?

This affects many diseases of the digestive and nervous system . Limiting sweets, carbonated beverages and junk food will not only improve the digestive system but also the nervous system.

assertive man8. Be Assertive.


Respect your desires, needs and values. Look for the right form of implementing them in everyday life. An assertive person is one who lives authentically, he speaks and acts in accordance with his beliefs and feelings. Without pretending to be anyone, you will surround yourself with people who are like you.

9. Give Your Life A Specific goals

Use your resources every day to achieve goals, even long-term ones. It is not that you can not be spontaneous – on the contrary, if you get the chance, do not hesitate – life writes scripts for us.

Then you will not have to wonder “what would happen if …” You will see that you will experience more and this will in turn be beneficial to the sense of your existence.

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10. Inspire Others.

Authenticity and courage will surely prove to be interesting for the environment. Try to infect others with a positive attitude to life. Let criticism always be something positive for you, which will allow you to improve yourself and not to lower your value.


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