How To Stay Young And Healthy For Whole Life. [ The Only Way! ]

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Have You Ever Wondered How To Stay Young And Feel Healthy Entire Life?

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Regular training affects the body and the psyche equally. Every effort lasting for at least 30 minutes increases the production of endorphins – hormones that are responsible for well-being, self-satisfaction and a positive attitude towards the world. If every day you feel depressed, stressed out and you lack confidence – START TRAINING!



When starting training, we often do not realize that in addition to a positive effect on the appearance of the figure, physical exercise affects our well-being.

The effort initiates a series of processes in the body that help maintain good mental health: oxygenates the brain, removes tension, improves circulation. This is why after the training we have a sense of well-used time and despite the fatigue there is no lack of motivation to perform everyday duties.


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Physical effort gives a sense of happiness.

Any type of effort lasting a minimum of 30 minutes triggers the production of endorphins. They are endogenous hormones, that is, produced by the body, which evoke feelings of happiness, contentment and euphoria.

It has been proven that they act on the same receptors in the brain as synthetic substances supplied externally, for example morphine. Thus, endorphins are a type of natural drug that improves mood and relieves pain.

The symptoms of endorphine “high” can be noticed mainly in long-distance runners. He even has his name – euphoria of the runner. This condition is not only pleasant, but also allows you to overcome murderous distances of up to 100 km. Without endorphins and their painkillers, such an extreme effort would not be possible.


 Spending 25 Minutes Every Day Walking Or Running Will Extend Your Life By Up To 7 Years.


man at the gymExercises relieve stress and negative emotions.

The pace of life causes that today almost every one of us is exposed to stress every day. You can live with it, but sooner or later it will appear in the form of insomnia or uncontrollable outbursts of aggression.

An effective way to fight the negative effects of stress is physical effort. Depending on your temperament, they can help us with either dynamic or calming exercise.

Some people will definitely feel better after strength training, running or kickboxing, which allow you to reliably get tired and thus throw away accumulated anger. On the others, a calm session of yoga or pilates was more effective, during which you can relax, calm down and regain your inner balance.

nordic walkingExercises allow you to relax.

Spending free time lying on the sofa does not give the body a chance to regain strength. Especially if every day we work behind a desk and we move very little. Then the best form of rest is … sport.

Paradoxically, physical effort eliminates fatigue and adds energy. This is because the movement stimulates circulation, and better circulation means more oxygen reaching every cell of the body. As a result, the brain, muscles and internal organs work more efficiently and we do not feel tired.

The best form of active rest are moderate cardio exercises: Nordic walking, walking, cycling, cross trainer. They do not overload the muscles, and at the same time increase the overall endurance of the body.

heart attack– Did You Know –

Everyday Energetic Walks Or Slow Jogging Can Reduce The Risk Of Death From A Heart Attack By Half !

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Regular trainings raise self-esteem.

Higher self-esteem positively affects the attitude towards the world and other people. Lack of self-acceptance is often the cause of numerous psychological problems: depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders.

These in turn cause that we do not like each other even more. Regular training can help break the vicious circle and make us look more positively at reality. The very fact that we try to change our appearance and do something is reassuring. Watching how our body changes and the weight systematically falls, mobilizes for even more work.

If only we do not run out of motivation to exercise, the final effect of training can cure us from the complexes once and for all and make us believe in ourselves.



Your Diet Has A Direct Impact On Your Well-Being

I am personally active physically since childhood, but even now when I am before 40’s, I still do not stop living actively. If you would like to start an adventure with a healthy and above all a happy life, do not wait a moment. The best way to be “young and beautiful” is to turn the TV off, jump into shorts or leggings and go for it!


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