Exercise Time.

When Should You Train?

Morning training.

morning exercise time
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Exercise time? Good question. Morning training directly involves getting up early. Note, however, that when you succeed, you can completely devote your time to movement and thus prepare for a hard day.

Your brain is refreshed and you can concentrate better on the assumptions of your training. In the morning, the body needs agitation that can be provided by physical effort.

During the activity also releases the hormone of happiness – endorphins. Thanks to which you gain a positive charge for the whole day !!! Thanks to the morning exercise, you also speed up the metabolism. It will help you burn more energy throughout the day.

Importantly, the lack of glycogen delivered with food will allow you to start burning unwanted fat faster.

REMEMBER to warm up well before every morning workout.

Morning training, in addition to its many advantages, also has disadvantages. You do the effort at a low energy level. The solution may be to eat a light snack after waking up.

Remember, however, that in this case you must wait a moment before you start training. People whose goal is to build muscle mass should especially comply with the pre-workout meal rule. The lack of the previously mentioned glycogen may cause undesirable burning of muscles.

In the morning, our muscles are not warmed up yet. Hence, it is much easier for injuries. Therefore, when training in the morning, special attention must be paid to the proper warming up of the muscles.

Afternoon and evening training.

evening exercise time
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As in the case of morning training, the problem may have been getting up, so afternoon training brings with it the activity after hardships of the day. Remember that physical activity will help you reduce your work or school stress.

Your body is warmed up, which reduces the probability of injury and increases the quality of your exercises. If you have a problem with evening snacking, afternoon training will help you reduce your appetite and cope with the night visits of the fridge.

Between 2 pm and 7 pm you reach your maximum strength and endurance, which is why you can do much more intense training then.

Exercise time. Afternoon or evening training?

Most people choose an afternoon or evening for the time of their training. The problem may be overcrowded fitness rooms or gyms. Also, do not do the training too late to avoid waking up unnecessarily at bedtime.

Also remember that during your sleep your metabolism drops significantly, which means you can burn fewer calories. There is also more glycogen in your body, so only after about 20 minutes of training you start to burn fat.

I know from experience that better exercise time is in the morning when you have the most energy. In the evening it is always harder for me, after a hard day at work and a full head of problems of everyday life. But everything depends on the way we live and in most cases we have no choice.

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At the moment I can exercise or jog or do anything only after 7 pm, which is not easy, when children expect interest and want to spend time with dad. My wife is finishing her job at 10 pm, and until then homework, dinner and bath are on my head.

During these three hours, I still have to find 20-30 minutes for myself. In such moments, you can distinguish those who really love what they do, and 20 minutes is enough to feel better, not physically but mentally. But don’t think that I am a superman, because I am not.

I would be a hypocrite if I pretended to be such a great guy. I am only a human and I have better and worse days, but as soon as I have the opportunity and a little desire, I change clothes and either run or lift some weights at home. And after all, I have great satisfaction and I feel so great that I finished the next task I set myself. I really love this feeling.

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